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Pest Control Services in West Vancouver

I offer a variety of pest control services—all of which are backed up by my 100% satisfaction-guarantee! When you see pests or rodents in your home, it's easy to diagnose the problem and plan a solution. Sometimes, though, it may be more difficult to discover the source of any damage or odors in your home. At Apex Pest Control, I can help identify the problem and offer solutions to eliminate current issues and prevent future invasions.

I offer services for:

  • Rodents: If you suspect mice, rats, or squirrels in your home or business, seek the professional help of Apex Pest Control. I can remove these rodents and eliminate the risk of harmful diseases they may carry.
  • Inspects: Insects often live in live large colonies. I can remove insects from your home and prevent them from returning to ensure your safety and comfort. Whether your home is invaded by ants, bees, or termites, my team can remove them.
  • Spiders: I can use the necessary tools to vacuum any spider nest balls or webs in your home. My team can also apply a crack and crevice spray to prevent spiders from returning.
  • Wasps: Wasps and hornets have venom that can cause severe allergic reactions and even death. Even small nests can contain hundreds of wasps that can cause potential danger to the health of you and your loved ones.
  • Wildlife Control: Are animals invading your property or living in your crawlspaces? I can use a variety of techniques to safely remove birds, raccoons, and other forms of wildlife, as well as prevent them from returning.

Custom Solutions to Address Your Specific Needs

Apex Pest Control can design a custom course of action specifically designed to resolve your pest problem. I assess your home or business and formulate a plan specific to your needs. I am committed to providing excellent customer service and can minimize the impact that pest control services can have on your home, family, business and customers.

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