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We will be able to help you with all of the following pests (let us know if you have a problem you don't see on the list):


Do you have a problem with ants? Carpenter Ants for example? At Apex Pest Control, we are here to help. Here is the course of action we follow to rid your home of ants.

  • Identify the type of ant
  • Choose best course of action
  • If ants are coming from outside – may need perimeter treatment as ants will not cross a spray treatment unless there is a nest on the inside
  • Treatment indoors can be a combination of baiting, dusting or actisol.


Need help removing beetles?

We do see plenty of these insect pests in the Vancouver Lower Mainland area and our course of action is:

  • Identify what type of beetle (ie: carpet beetles)
  • Eliminate the food source
  • Combination of vacuuming, dusting and possible spray treatment

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a growing and pervasive problem in Vancouver. We can help!

Pest control approaches to a bed bug problem are:

  • Visual inspection to assess the severity of the situation
  • Dusting with a natural product and a chemical spray
  • Also recommend bed bug covers be fitted onto mattress and box spring
  • Bedbug traps be fitted on the legs of the bed
  • Depending on the severity of the problem and personnel belongings , it may take up to 3 service calls to eliminate the problem.

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Vancouver pest control companies have a lot of their work cut out for them with the age old problem of cockroaches – it seems where there are people, these pesky insects are always trying to cause an infestation.

If you have cockroaches give us a call – we have plenty of experience in dealing with these pests and can help you with information and tips on how to prevent the problem from recurring.

  • Inspection to find nesting / active areas
  • Spray treatment with glue boards to monitor activity
  • Possible baiting program starting 10 days later


Fleas can be more than an itchy nuisance for your cat or dog – they are able to cause a seasonal infestation in your home, particularly in carpets, furniture and bedding. Flea eggs can last a long time in your carpet so that just when you think you have the problem beaten, you get a new batch of hatchlings. Best to call a pest control company!

  • First the cat or dog needs to be treated by a veterinarian
  • Spray treatment throughout especially carpeted areas and furniture if cat or dogs lies there ie. Under cushions, etc.


What is more annoying that a fly infestation? If you have a problem with flies that you are not able to solve yourself, give us a call and we will:

  • Identify the type of fly;
  • Treat the infestation;
  • Treatment depends on type of fly.


  • Spray and dusting with a natural product and placement of glue board


Moths can be a problem on your premises – in particular, their larvae. We can help!

  • Initial treatment is with pheromones traps to remove flying moths which are the breeders;
  • Then find and remove food source to eliminate the problem.

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